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Important Note:

We do NOT cut or program customer supplied blanks, chip keys, remotes, or key fobs that are not purchased from us. This includes blanks or remotes purchased online.

Proximity Fobs

push to start Bobs Master Safe and Lock

Push to start vehicles (those with a push button on the dash that starts the vehicle) require proxmity fobs to open and start the car. Our price for these fobs for basic GM cars starts at $74.95, all other vehicles our price is $249.95. This price includes the emergency key, cutting the emergency key, and all programming. If you have lost all fobs for the car, we can come to you for an additional charge and make one by VIN.

Proximity Fobs
GM Flip Switchblade Proxmity $74.95Chevy Buick Pontiac GMC Saturn Oldsmobile Remote Fob Flip Key
Cadillac Proxmity $249.95Cadillac proximity push to start remote key fob
Chrysler Proximity Tombstone $249.95chrysler dodge remote key fob fobik push to start
Chrysler Proximity FOBIK $249.95chrysler dodge remote key fob push to start proxmity key
Nissan/Infiniti $249.95Nissan Infiniti intelligentkey proximity push to start remote key fob
Toyota/Lexus $249.95Toyota Lexus Prius proximity push to start remote key fob